May 11

Mother’s Day In an Airport

Last year on Mother’s Day I was varying thousands of miles away. It was hell day on my South America trip, and we spent the day going from airport to airport for about 20 hours straight. I didn’t even see the Mother’s Day gift my kids sent me until the next day.

We started out in Puno at Lake Titicaca and got up about 6am Continue reading

May 10

Bringing Healthy Travel Habits Home


When I travel I walk everywhere, I snorkel for hours, I bicycle and climb and spend every minute of the day exploring. I eat lots of ceviche and fresh fruit, and I drink tons of water. I always lose weight, and I feel stronger.

Then I come home and fall back into the same sedentary habits Continue reading

May 5

A Glimpse of Lima, Peru

Last year at this time I was starting a study abroad trip. Would you like to take Ethics 101 in a classroom or go on a trip to South America? Hmmm, let me think. I was the oldest student on the trip at 36, and it was the first time I had traveled without my husband. I don’t know if it taught me anything new regarding ethics, but I did learn a lot. Continue reading

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