August 11 2018

The Everyday Journey is Getting Some Work Done

If you haven’t heard from me lately…it’s because we’re back in the U.S. *Embarrassed shrug*

Some things went a little off-plan.

Jason and I made some BIG decisions while we were (a little) exhausted, and now we have REGRETS…but we’re stuck, at least for a while.

I’m going to be filling in blanks on the blog and telling the parts of the story that I didn’t get around to while they were happening. Not only are things very different, a lot has happened and it’s time to catch up. I have so much to tell you, dear reader, and you’ve been very patient sticking with me, there will be rewards coming soon for all of you, promise.

Did I mention I’m writing a book about the past 3 years of full time travel life?

Yeah, there’s a lot of changes going on, but it’s all part of The Everyday Journey and we’ll just keep moving (even if we go in circles for a bit, we’ll get there…)

See you soon.

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