December 22 2014

Hire Me

I launched this blog in 2014 as we transitioned into a full time nomadic family but I started traveling long before I started writing about it. Sharing my first hand experience with your readers will inspire them and help them succeed, enabling you to become a go-to resource for travelers everywhere.

Here’s a sample of where we’ve been: we took a baby to Costa Rica in 2008 despite Grandma’s assurances that we wouldn’t have any fun with the kids there. To celebrate getting scuba certified we had a not-so-romantic getaway in Jamaica in 2010. I traveled with a group of strangers to South America in 2013 and backpacked from Chiapas to Cancun in 2014. I’ve guided my family from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula all the way to Guatemala. Every trip is a learning experience and I have a lot of knowledge to share!

When we travel I am the one doing the research and the planning, sometimes for a group and sometimes just for myself. This gives me a thorough understanding of what you need to know and I like to help others navigate their own adventures. I do this through my own blog as well as other websites and publications.

I specialize in Family Travel, Expat Life and Latin America at this time.

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