Ditching the american dream for a life of family travel writing about the ups and downs along the way

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Riding Horses in Playa del Carmen

For my first riding lesson I was put onto a horse bareback, the trainer leading it on a lunge line so I didn’t even have the reins to hold onto. “This is it,” I...

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Living in Playa del Carmen vs. Cozumel

When choosing where to live as an expat I used to think that Playa del Carmen and it’s island neighbor Cozumel were like two parts of the same city connected by a ferry. They...

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Sea Turtle Nesting

Last night we did something I have wanted to do for years: we witnessed a green sea turtle laying her eggs on the beach.

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What Does It Cost For Us To Live In Mexico?

The answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for: How much does it cost for us to live in Mexico? Before you get the idea that we had plenty of money to start...

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Questions For A Traveling Family

Bathrooms with toilet paper and seats! Drinking water straight out of the tap! Bathtubs! Is this heaven? Nope, just Iowa, but if you are a traveling family you understand our excitement.

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The Bumpy Road to Homeschooling

First I accidentally sent my 6-year-old to college. Or at least it felt that way.

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One Year as a Traveling Family

One year ago today we drove away from our house for the last time. We chose to have no permanent home, no structure to fill with furniture and appliances and all our personal items....

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Aluxes Eco Park – Visa Run Part 10

“In Mayan culture the Aluxes are young, happy, and playful elves that care for crops and protect the jungle for Mother Nature.” This is the sign that greets you when you enter Aluxes Eco...

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Return to Palenque – Visa Run Part 9

I first went to Palenque in 2014 to meet up with two strangers who would become my friends, Tim and Cristina of Marginal Boundaries. It was my first solo travel, my first venture into...

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Getting the 180 Day Stamp-Visa Run Part 8

Part 8 of our visa run (start here if you didn’t read the earlier posts.) We spent the last of our Guatemalan currency having breakfast at the Hotel Casa Amelia and were picked up...

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