July 15 2015

The Day Before…

It’s the day before we head to Mexico to spend the next year living there.

It’s getting late but we’re re-packing again and really hating airline weight limits. Try to pack your entire life into the luggage allotment of one checked and one carry on piece and suddenly you realize that you don’t have room for clothes after all the electronics and books and snorkel gear. Oh well, it’s all about priorities. At least I will get to go shopping tomorrow.

We brought the cat to Kansas City after she spent the last two weeks at my mom’s house, and she was not happy to be back in her duffel bag. She’s going to be getting some new stuff too, because I was not moving her little box and forgot to pack her food dish. If only I could travel that light. I hope she does as well on the plane as she has in the car, not a peep out of her once she settled in. (Crossing fingers.)

My 8 year old June had a little bit of a freak out at dinner tonight and started to cry, saying she’s scared to go to Mexico. I understand, I get a little scared every time I go somewhere too, especially when I go by myself. When June gets upset little sister Rory gets upset, and soon we had two whining crying children begging not to go to Mexico after weeks of them announcing our plans to everyone-in the drive thru, in the check out line, at school, at the library.

I think if they weren’t nervous it would be strange. Travel jitters get everyone. They have calmed down now, and in the morning we’re leaving so early they won’t be awake enough to be afraid (I hope.)

I am not afraid. I am irritated that our luggage continues to be such a mess, and I am stressed at getting everything ready for the morning, but once we get there I will be so happy to set it all down and just be in Mexico. For now, I have to get back to packing…tomorrow is going to be a big day.

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